Dr. Strader Discusses Vaccines and Antibodies

Hello, my name is Dr. James Strader and I am with Bio Testing Supplies, the pandemic division of Avrio Genetics. Many of you have seen some of my videos in the past discussing the right test at the right time. In today’s world we are moving into a new time period, the time period of vaccinations. 

As we send kids back to school, back to work, etc., it’s amazing how many schools are focused on “Is your child sick today?”, “Can they spread a virus today?” Those are the types of tests that you see with drive by nasal swabs, etc. The reality is we need to go back to the time where we looked at the shot record. How many of your kids have already had this disease? Have already had COVID? 

Individuals with asymptomatic infections become naturally immunized as a byproduct of their immune system’s response to the infection. If a child or adult has been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, their “naturally immunized” status is measured by a simple viral antibody test. This is a very important piece of the puzzle. Number one, it tells us how many of your kids have had it and what is the prevalence of COVID-19 at your child’s school. So, if you think about this, let’s just say there are 300 6th graders going to school, and over the summer time 100 of them have already gotten COVID. They already got through it and they now have naturally occurring antibodies, which are essentially equivalent to the immune system’s response to an  immunization. So it’s so important to know that if one in three of your kids have already had it, they can’t spread it to somebody else. The second thing is, as we all know, a vaccination is coming. It’s very near. In fact the White House has said probably some time in early November or late October, we should start to see the first immunizations happen.  

It is very important that we all understand who needs the immunization. If you’ve already had COVID, you already have natural immunization. Natural antibodies, or protection against the virus. You likely may not be one of those who needs to immediately get a shot. In fact, there might only be a few immunizations to go around. People that have already had COVID and gotten through it and have natural antibodies and protection against COVID, could potentially not require a shot or a vaccination for a period of time. Thus, it’s very important to know who has had it and who has not for the safety, efficacy, and overall good and benefit of mankind.