How 3 Companies Have Teamed Up to Get You Back to “Normal Life”

With Covid-19 still on the loose, Prevenna and its partner, Welltok, have teamed up with Biohit to help you get back to work, back to school and back to life safely. How? Testing, testing, and more testing. “What we know for sure,” says Frederick M. Schaffer M.D., Board certified Immunologist, “is that providing adequate testing protocols, at the right time, can make the single biggest difference in avoiding transmission of Covid-19. And guess what? If you can bring the testing right to the people, that’s an enormous plus.”

Prevenna, a company with a concierge turnkey testing program that provides fast and accurate Covid-19 testing at designated on-site locations, and its collaboration with Welltok, a company devoted to getting the word out about informed health solutions, means that Covid-19 testing can be brought directly to those who need it—at their workplace, their school, or wherever large groups of people can be tested. With their combined understanding of the importance of accurate antigen and antibody Covid-19 testing, the partners have identified Biohit’s Sars-CoV-2 IgM/IgG antibody test and SARS-CoV-2 Antigen quantitative assay kit as vital tools in the struggle to get our country get back to normal, both of which are available from Bio Testing Supplies.

In considering what tests to use, Prevenna and Welltok insisted on highly reliable products like Biohit’s Antibody Test Kit, which has been given EUA recognition by the FDA, to be a highly accurate laminar flow assay (LFA) with a very high IgM and IgG sensitivity, as well as a very high specificity. This test is easy to administer, basically painless—just a drop of blood from your finger is required—and typically gives results within 15 minutes. If the test reveals you have had the virus and are carrying the antibodies, this means you can very possibly return to your everyday life—school, your work, your friends.

“So what are you doing to lower the risk of spreading Covid-19? Do you have a testing plan in place that allows for returning to normal activities?” asks Kyle Hooper of Prevenna. “If you don’t maybe it’s time to set up a comprehensive testing program in your area. And know, we not only administer on site testing, we also deliver individualized follow up and ongoing tracking, all at an affordable cost.” For more information visit: Prevenna,com;;

*Biotesting Supplies is the pandemic division of Avrio Genetics based in Pennsylvania.