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Dr. James Strader is a researcher and multiple patent holder in Allergy and Immunology. He has held many positions as a Chief Executive in Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and other related companies.

Dr. Strader founded Safe Harbor Compliance and Clinical Services in 2012. His responsibilities include the strategic direction of the company, acquisitions and development. Clarity Science, a division of Safe Harbor Compliance and Clinical Services, recently conducted a three-year, IRB-approved pain study, OPERA (Optimizing Patient Experience and Response to Topical Analgesics). This study evaluated patients with chronic pain who were treated with topical analgesics and measured changes in their opioid use, anti-inflammatory and over-the-counter medication, in addition to pain scores and quality of life. Conclusions reached from this study showed that topical analgesics were reported to be effective and safe for the treatment of chronic pain, while reducing opioid use and the risks and side-effects associated with opioid use. Results have been presented at over 25 international pain management congresses and published in international peer-reviewed Journals, such as the Journal of Pain Research and Post-Graduate Medicine.

He founded PharmaGenetico, LLC in 2012, a division of Safe Harbor Compliance and Clinical Services. PharmaGenetico (PGL) is a Wholesaler Distributor of Prescription Drugs (WDD) based out of San Antonio, TX which wholesales generic pharmaceuticals along with allergy products. PharmaGenetico is licensed as a Wholesaler Drug Distributor within the State of Texas along with 38 additional states as an Out-of-State Wholesale Drug Distributor. PharmaGenetico began operating as a WDD in 2016 which made $28,359,927 in revenue. PharmaGenetico has a distribution contract with Amneal Pharmaceuticals, the fifth largest U.S. generics company along with Allergis Pharmaceuticals, IPG Pharmaceuticals and Alvix Laboratories. PharmaGenetico is also listed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Private Label Distributor (PLD) which allows PharmaGenetico to market and distribute pharmaceutical drugs under its own trade name and labels a drug product made by someone else. PharmaGenetico has a listing agreement with ALK-Abello, the largest allergen manufacturer in the U.S. which allows PGL to list antigens with the Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM). Currently, PGL has listed 160 antigens within the PBMs. PharmaGenetico has applied with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy as a VAWD-Accredited Facility (Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor) with an anticipated accreditation in September 2018.

He founded RSVP Pharmacy, LLC in 2012. RSVP Pharmacy is the inventor of new, ground-breaking transdermal immunotherapy methodology. Pharmacy network excels in complete customer care surrounding alternative pain treatments and allergy immunotherapy. The pharmacy network has been paramount in filling medications that have brought about significant changes in the opioid epidemic and allergy spaces. He partnered with UAS in 2018 to institute a new clinical regimen with their patients that will increase compliance and aid to their quality of life while on immunotherapy treatment.

Safe Harbor Compliance and Clinical Services LLC acquired Clarity Research and Consulting, LLC in 2014. Under the guidance of Internationally recognized experts, Clarity Science conducts scientifically rigorous and validated IRB-approved research that advances innovation in science by identifying new or underutilized, cost-effective treatments for various conditions, ultimately helping healthcare professionals provide improved patient care and improved patient outcomes. Clarity is a member of the Society for Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA) and a strategic partner with the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PWC).

Dr. Strader created, built and sold United Allergy Services, the nation’s leading provider of allergy testing and immunotherapy services to Primary Care Physicians. Immunotherapy (also know as “allergy shots”) is the most effective treatment for seasonal allergies, which affect over 60 million people in the U.S.

As a registered member of the Cherokee Nation, Dr. Strader is also very concerned with issues touching upon Native American healthcare and social equity.

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