Brandon Hensinger

President & CEO
Avrio Genetics
Allentown, PA, USA
Brandon Hensinger


Brandon Hensinger is President & Chief Executive Officer of Avrio Genetics, a company that provides life-changing reproductive, as well as personalized, genetic testing products and solutions to physicians and patients throughout the world. The company currently provides products from Yikon Genomics, BillionToOne, Chronomics, and MicroPoint.

He has been at the forefront of many innovative breakthroughs. Most notably, he led the launch of the world’s first Non-Invasive PGT-A Technology, which is an embryo screening technology that uses non-invasive practices to help physicians choose healthy embryos for transfer, for women going through fertility treatments with Yikon Genomics.

Brandon has a strong reputation as a global speaker, leading sales executive, entrepreneur, and leader in the global reproductive genetics industry. He is a strong proponent of experiential leadership and an avid outdoorsman, Brandon uses challenging situations to promote how specific leadership principles are used in guiding a team toward a desired goal. He feels that the experiential component is vital, providing engagement and cooperation between team members in real-life situations.

Through his company Avrio Genetics, he is consulted for his expertise in developing business models, strategic plans, and distribution channels for genetic laboratories nationally and globally. Avrio Genetics currently manages international launches for seven companies, with a growing portfolio. He also has extensive experience in M&A due diligence operations for national and global companies.

Brandon has a passion for learning new languages and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and conversational Mandarin. Outside of his business life, Brandon is a competitive triathlete, rock climber, skateboarder, and musician.

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