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Find out if you are infected with SARS-COV-2 without leaving your home.

Bio Testing Labs’ mission is to offer simple, easy-to-access COVID-19 testing services and screening solutions to the world, in order to restore our communities to healthy, safe, and happy places. In order to continue to deliver on that vision, we are proud to announce our at-home collection of COVID-19 testing solutions, making it possible to order a test, collect your sample, and send it to the lab, all from the comfort, and safety, of your home.

The Bio Testing Labs Home Testing Kit requires a simple, self-collected saliva sample, and quick patient registration before returning the sample with the prepaid shipping label included in the box. By employing a telemedicine review system, we are able to make this testing available to everyone.

Once your sample is received at our lab, test results will be sent to you in as little as 24 hours via our HIPAA-compliant confidential customer portal.

How It Works

Step 1

You the order your test kit(s) and complete the online medical questionnaire that you will be directed to. After the medical questionnaire is complete, the test kit order will be shipped.

doctor typing on a computer

Step 2

You receive the test kit, performs the Cares Act Questionnaire, and records the barcode on the collection tube.

Close-up of tweezers loading test tubes with sampled DNA for polymerase chain reaction. Blue toned image

Step 3

You collect the saliva sample using the provided instructions and saliva collection device. You will be provided with easy-to-follow instructions prompted through your app.

Step 4

You send the test kit back to our lab in Houston Texas using the included shipping label.

Step 5

We process the results and release them back to you within 48 hours of receiving the sample to the lab. Note– No sample will be processed by the lab prior to a doctor approval.

 Other COVID-19 Testing Solutions

biohit antibody testing kit

Antibody Test

The BioHit Antibody Test Kit is designed to confirm the presence of IgM and IgG antibodies in the blood. This test is authorized by the FDA. 

biohit antibody testing kit

Antigen Test

The Antigen Assay Kit is used for detection of SARS-CoV-2 N protein in human serum or plasma.

biohit antibody testing kit


Our High Complexity CLIA Lab is now offering an RT-PCR Saliva Test to provide comprehensive testing solutions.

biohit antibody testing kit


Cleanmo’s Flocked Swabs are designed for the collection of nasopharyngeal specimens used in PCR testing.

We were fortunate to have access early on to COVID-19 antibody tests at our hospital in Punta Mita Mexico. This was a game changer for us since Covid PCR testing was not universally available and if available was so expensive to be out of reach for most people in the area. Working with Bio Testing Supplies, we were able to get affordable rapid antibody testing and made available to the community and an affordable cost. This gave us the advantage of being able to screen patients rapidly and triage our patients in a way where we decreased exposure of our staff and the community to potentially infected patients. Punta Mita Hospital foundation purchased a large order of these rapid cOVID-19 antibody tests to provide the community with free testing. Through this program we were able to identify high-risk groups and implement quarantine protocols. With time as PCR testing became more and more widely available, we provided PCR testing to our patients with results on the same day. We again reached out to Bio Testing Supplies, and they were again there for us providing solutions that were cost affective for PCR testing. We are currently working with them to provide saliva Covid PCR testing which will be the first in Mexico. This allows us to collect the sample in a safe manner without involving our staff in the collection process. It also allows us a more rapid turnaround in giving results. With time these measures will allow us to provide more testing to people at a lower cost. Overall our partnership with Bio Testing Supplies has resulted in improved healthcare delivery at affordable rates to our community.
Dr. Sam Najmabadi

Reproductive Partners Medical Group

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